About ecSeq

Our strength is our people

Our bioinformatics team consists of research professionals with solid expertise in the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data. We are actively taking part in fundamental research topics, with ongoing publications in high-impact journals. Our research software engineers have up-to-date knowledge in developing high performance algorithms for deep sequencing experiments and using these to analyze the data.

The name reflects the aim

ecSeq [ˈi:zi]-[si:k]

Our company's name is pronounced as 'easy seek' and stands for 'engineering and consulting for Next-Generation Sequencing'.

David Langenberger
Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder

Dr. David Langenberger studied bioinformatics in Munich, New York City and Palo Alto. He received his doctorate in Bioinformatics from the University of Leipzig in 2013. His research focuses on analyzing next-generation sequencing data and designing software tools to simplify these analyzing processes.

He contributed to over 20 research papers that were published in journals like Nature Genetics, PNAS and Nucleic Acid Research. In 2012 he co-founded the company ecSeq Bioinformatics.

Mario Fasold
Chief Technology Officer
& Co-Founder

Dr. Mario Fasold studied Bioinformatics and Mathematics in Jena, Umeå and Leipzig. In 2013 he received his doctorate in Bioinformatics from Leipzig University. His research was mainly focused on the assessment and improvement of the analysis methods of high-throughput technologies such as DNA microarrays and massively parallel sequencing.

He developed several software tools and contributed to over 15 research papers that were published in journals like Nature Biotechnology, Nucleic Acids Research and BMC Genomics. In 2012 he co-founded the company ecSeq Bioinformatics with the mission to improve and facilitate the analysis of sequencing data.

Gero Doose
Head of
Research and Development

Dr. Gero Doose studied Bioinformatics in Bielefeld and Munich. In 2017 he received his doctorate in Bioinformatics from Leipzig University. He developed RNA folding and protein solubility prediction algorithms before he started working with high-throughput sequencing data.

He implemented detection pipelines for circularized and trans-spliced transcripts. As an expert for split-read alignment analysis, he also developed a sophisticated method to detect differential alternative splicing.

Adele Feuerstein
Head of
Marketing and Communication

Adele Feuerstein studied business administration with the focus on international management and social media marketing at the University Mittweida. She then spent half a year at Bosch's project management in Brno, Czech Republic until she joined the team of ecSeq Bioinformatics GmbH.

Prof. Dr. Peter F. Stadler (University Leipzig, Germany)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Steve Hoffmann (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany)

Prof. Dr. Martin Smith (Université de Montréal & CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre, Canada)

Dr. Anke Busch (Institut für Molekulare Biologie (IMB), Germany)

Dr. Alexander Donath (Centre for Molecular Biodiversity Research (zmb), Germany)

Dr. Andreas Gruber (Paperpile LLC, Austria)

Dr. Markus Riester (Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, USA)