RNA-Seq Analysis Understanding the transcriptome and its plasticity

Explore our solutions for detailed analyses of the transcriptome and its variability.

  •   De-novo transcriptome assembly
  •   Discovery of transcripts and isoforms
  •   Differential expression analysis of genes, isoforms and exons
  •   Analysis of fusion genes, circularized RNAs and trans-splicing events
  •   Detection of long non-coding RNAs

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"Extremely professional. We are very satisfied with the service provided, particularly with the offered explanations/feedback/data rearrangements which we count on until our data are published. The data themselves are very well presented, as many figures are easy to incorporate in the publication. The company/analyst is easy to keep in touch with, they follow up during no more than one business day and are willing to accommodate their time around our needs." Ass.Prof. Victoria G. Kolupaeva, NYU School of Medicine

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Rely on deep bioinformatics experience and up-to-date scientific methods.

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Our skilled team of professional bioinformaticians delivers results rapidly.

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Employ an analysis strategy that fits with your data.

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All results are reported in an interpretable way.

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Comprehensive interactive HTML reports included.

Best-in-class Methods

Ultra-sensitive read mapping with the smallest number of unmapped reads.

Reproducible Research

Reiterate the analysis at any time with new data.

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Our workflows have been tested and validated in many projects.

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Always have somebody to discuss your issues.

Our Expertise Selected Publications Relating to RNA-Seq

(complete list of our publications)

     'Changes of bivalent chromatin coincide with increased expression of developmental genes in cancer'
Bernhart et al. (2016)
Nature Science Report, 6:37393.
Publisher's page
     'MYC/MIZ1-dependent gene repression inversely coordinates the circadian clock with cell cycle and proliferation'
Shostak et al. (2016)
Nature Communications, 7:11807.
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     'MINCR is a MYC-induced lncRNA able to modulate MYC’s transcriptional network in Burkitt lymphoma cells'
Doose et al. (2015)
PNAS, 112(38):E5261-70.
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'A comprehensive assessment of RNA-seq accuracy, reproducibility and information content by the Sequencing Quality Control Consortium'
Su et al. (2014)
Nature Biotechnology, 32(9):903-914.
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'A multi-split mapping algorithm for circular RNA, splicing, trans-splicing, and fusion detection'
Hoffmann et al. (2014)
Genome Biology, 15:R34, doi:10.1186/gb-2014-15-2-r34.
Publisher's page