Custom NGS Software Development

Transform your biological ideas into reality with our custom software development. Our expert team will turn your complex problems into robust and reliable solutions, guiding you from concept to completion.

Our focus is on the development of analysis worfklows for various applications of NGS technology.

Example applications include:

Genomic Variation

  • Whole-genome, whole-exome or amplicon enrichment
  • DNA Variant Calling
  • Variant Annotation and Effect Prediction
  • Analysis of genome rearrangements
  • GO-Term Analyses
  • Somatic Mutation Analyses in Cancer
  • Trio/Cohort/Pedigree Analyses

Transcriptomic variation

  • Differential expression analysis of genes, isoforms and exons
  • Analysis of fusion genes, circularized RNAs and trans-splicing events
  • Detection of long non-coding RNAs
  • GO Analysis
  • RNA-Editing Prediction
  • Exon Retention Identification
  • Alternative Polyadenylation Analysis


  • Analysis of bisulfite sequencing data (Methyl-Seq)
  • Identification of Differentially Methylated Regions
  • Non-CpG Analysis
  • Hydroxymethylation analysis
  • Detection of partially methylated domains and allele-specific methylation (e.g. imprinting)
  • Integrate transcription factor binding and histone modification information