Contract Research

Solving complex analysis challenges with cutting-edge bioinformatics methods.

As a spin-off from Leipzig University, we have a strong background in bioinformatics and genome biology research (see our publications). We enjoy working on groundbreaking research and are actively taking part in collaborative science projects.

Our focus areas for NGS bioinformatics contract research:

  • Preclinical research and drug discovery
  • Animal and plant research in agriculture
  • Human genetics and precision medicine
  • Cancer genomics
  • Evolutionary biology

Highest scientific standards

All our projects are conducted with strict validation and reproducibility requirements to fulfill highest scientific and software engeneering standards.

NGS Data Analysis Expertise

Rely on in-depth bioinformatics experience and up-to-date scientific methods for high-througput data analysis, as shown in our ongoing scientific contributions.

Rapid Bioinformatics

Our skilled team of professional bioinformaticians delivers results reliably and quickly.

We are experienced in the following use cases:

  • Gene expression studies for biomarker discovery
  • Non-coding RNA genes (circular RNAs, sncRNAs, lncRNAs)
  • Studying transcriptome variability (alternative splicing)
  • Studying epigenetic modifications (differential methylation, transcription factor binding, histone modification)
  • Studying genomic variation: DNA variant, structural variants and mutation analysis
  • Combining data from different sources and protocols (e.g. DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq, Bisulfite-Seq )
  • Statistical analyses and data visualisation

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