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Posted on May 04, 2016

Loborjounral cover

We recently received a visit by Tobias Hoffmann, a journalist from the German "Laborjournal" (German for lab journal). In its latest issue (from May 2nd, 2016) ecSeq GmbH and its founders, Dr. David Langenberger and Dr. Mario Fasold, are portrayed in a double-page article.

The article talks about our two founders, how they gained their doctorates from professor Stadler in Leipzig and their way to ecSeq GmbH. One of our business areas are workshops which train the participants how to analyze NGS data. We want to impart a discretionary competence as well as evaluation skills with the courses. Public workshops take place in Munich, Berlin, Prague or Oxford with about one third of the participants having an industrial (non-academic) background. This knowledge is important because nowadays every research application contains NGS analyzes.

Secondly, Hoffmann introduces our network of 45 highly skilled NGS experts to the readers. During project consulting ecSeq GmbH accompanies NGS projects which require complex bioinformatics solutions. Customers can book nearly everything: the analyses, the software or the complete planning of an experiment. All NGS experts are working in the background together with ecSeq GmbH.

Of course, the author asks the follow up question: 'Why should customers approach ecSeq and not the experts directly?' The answer is pretty simple: 'Because academic researchers with their reservations are often not very open-minded about inquiries from companies.' With ecSeq GmbH as intermediary, a trustful and well-managed collaboration is possible. This separation of industry and academia is very important for both, the companies and the researchers in our network.

We thank the "Laborjournal" for this great introduction of our company! You can get your free copy of the "Laborjournal" at universities and research facilities or on their website.

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