Automate your Twist Human Core Exome Kit Data Analysis with the Seamless NGS Platform

Posted on July 04, 2021

Twist Human Core Exome Kit
You can now analyse your Twist Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) kit fully automated on the Seamless NGS Platform!

By using the Twist Bioscience Human Core Exome Kit together with the "Twist Human Core Exome" workflow of Seamless NGS you get a fully reproducible end-to-end analysis pipeline, from sample generation to annotated DNA variants (SNVs) and copy number variations (CNVs).

Your specialist can filter and examine relevant DNA mutations enriched with information from over 12 databases. The automatically generated report can then be downloaded or directly passed to your in-house LIMS system.

"Twist Bioscience NGS Target Enrichment Solutions offer superior enrichment efficiency. Modular kits for library preparation and target enrichment, as well as an optimized enrichment workflow and easy customization of panel content facilitate fast adoption and great results." Twist Bioscience

seamless ngs

The Seamless NGS platform is optimized for fast and automated routine usage in diagnostic labs. The end-to-end software moves you rapidly from data generation to interpretation. In the 'Variant Explorer' you will get comprehensive information about DNA variants, their annotation and effects. Various sorting and filtering options will enable fast result interpretation.

seamless ngs

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