NGS Liquid Biopsy with Genetic Testing Platform 'Seamless NGS'

Posted on September 13, 2021

pathology leipzig

"Lung cancer is among the most frequently diagnosed cancers worldwide. Despite the availability of multiple targeted therapies, these tumors readily develop resistance mutations. To avoid taking invasive biopsies, these mutations can also be detected in liquid biopsies, i.e. blood samples derived from the patient. However, a reliable detection system such as NGS is required and in particular the bioinformatic analysis must be capable of detecting very low frequency variants. Recently, we successfully passed another QuIP round-robin test for the detection of EGFR resistance mutations in tissue as well as liquid biopsies using the Seamless NGS software"

Ulrike​ Obeck and Dr. Mathias Stiller (Institute of Pathology, Leipzig University Hospital)

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