1st SaxoCell® Consortium Meeting 2022

Posted on June 24, 2022


Living Drugs - Precision therapy cluster for Saxony

This month was the first face-to-face meeting of the SaxoCell® Consortium and finally, after all the months of planning via Zoom, we were able to meet in person. This great event highlighted once again how important it is to be face-to-face. New contacts were made, new ideas were born and new collaborations were formed. Networking at its best. And of course, the fun must not be neglected. A great time, a great event!

Life Sciences Review (Europe Special)

SaxoCell® is one of the winners of the innovation competition "Clusters4Future" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The creation of the future cluster is based on an association of leading research institutes and medical facilities from Saxony, including Leipzig and Dresden.

Together with numerous other partners from academia and industry, they have set themselves the goal of opening up new areas of application and production methods for cell and gene therapeutics by means of twelve innovative research and development projects, among other things.

In addition, SaxoCell® will strengthen regional networking within the research area and technology transfer for the benefit of sustainable, local value creation.

ecSeq is part of the SaxoCell® project SaxoCellOmics. This project is addressing optimal and early monitoring of the development and production of gene and cell therapeutics. SaxoCellOmics pursues four strategic goals for the cluster: (1) the provision of efficient and harmonized processes for monitoring the delivery and tolerability of novel therapies, (2) the identification of mechanisms of action, new targets and resistances, (3) the development of improved quality criteria for the manufacturing process, and (4) the development of predictive biomarkers.

Find more information about the research project and ecSeq's involvement on the SaxoCellOmics website.

Life Sciences Review (Europe Special)
Life Sciences Review (Europe Special)
Life Sciences Review (Europe Special)

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